RKC High Speed Digital Control  
รหัส : HA900,901,400,401
ยี่ห้อ : RKC
รุ่น : High Speed Digital Control
รายละเอียดย่อ :
RKC : High Speed Digital Control
รายละเอียดทั้งหมด :

Input resolution more than 200 thousand counts (approx. 18 bits) and fast sampling time for fast and stable process control applications. 1 or 2 loop controls in a single instrument. Cascade control is also available.
Other features include: 16 recipes available with memory area function, power feedforward function to adjust control output by monitoring power supply variation to heaters, dual communication ports, embedded DeviceNet and Profibus communication, and output logic handling.



Thermocouple, RTD DC voltage/current


0.025 sec.


±(0.1% of PV ± 1 digit) for T/C and RTD ±(0.1% of span) for DC inputs


Brilliant PID
* Position proportional
* Cascade control


M, V, R, E, T

Digital communication

(RKC/ANSI, Modbus) DeviceNet PROFIBUS



Main Features

  • Max.2 loops (cascade control available)
  • Brilliant PID control
  • High resolution PID setting
  • Enhanced AT
  • Bar-graph display
  • Event output (max.4)
  • Event input (max.7)
  • Remote setpoint (1 loop type only)
  • Analog output (max.3)
  • Memory area (16)
  • Heater break alarm
  • Digital communications (max.2)
  • DeviceNet/Profibus
  • Power feedforward
  • Infrared setting via PDA




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